It’s no secret that moving is a big job and you may be feeling overwhelmed at how much needs to be done to get from your old house to your new one. Relying on the removalist experts at O’Grady’s Transport and Removals can help take some of the stress off of you. However, there are other things you can do to help reduce the stress and help your move go along without frustration. Try these tips for your removal and feel better in no time.

Give Yourself Time

One of the biggest contributors to stress with a move is feeling like you have a lot to do in a short time frame. If possible, give yourself ample time to pack, load and unpack. Sometimes a move must be done quickly, but if you can take your time, you’ll be a lot less stressed and will still get everything done. Create a schedule with actionable tasks and you’ll feel like you have more control over getting it all done in time.

Start with Something Small

There’s so much to do and it can quickly consume you. Many experts suggest starting small. Pack up a couple of drawers or a wardrobe and you’ll give yourself some momentum to keep going. Completing a few small tasks will get you going and once you start, you’ll want to keep going.

Get Organised

As mentioned above, having a schedule and plan is important for keeping you on track. Work a room at a time instead of just tossing things into boxes. Keep like items together and pack things that will end up in the same room in the same boxes. Label each box as you close it so that you know exactly what’s in it and where it needs to be unpacked in your new house.

Get Some Help

Having some help goes a long way toward making your move less stressful. Whether you call the professional movers or you enlist the help of family and friends, having some people to assist you with the various tasks that need to be completed will take some of the work out of your hands and reduce your stress at the same time. Our movers are experts and can quickly get you from one place to another one.

If you need the help of an expert Lismore removal company, contact O’Grady’s Transport and Removals today for an online quote or call us for a discussion on how we can help.