The experts at O’Grady’s Transport and Removals can take away much of the stress and hard work of Ballina removals. Whether you’re going across town or to another state, moving is a big job that can be both overwhelming and time consuming. By letting the experts take on some of the load, you can get from the old place to the new one without too much stress and frustration. Use these packing tips to get things moving.

Label Everything

This is perhaps one of the handiest packing tips you’ll find. As you place items in boxes, write on the outside what each contains. Try to keep like items together so that you can unpack entire boxes in one room of the house instead of having to carry it from room to room as you go. For example, keep kitchen items in one box, labelled with “kitchen” on the outside. This saves a lot of time when you unload it all in your new house.

Donate and Throw Things Away

Chances are that as you pack, you’ll come across items that you don’t need or want anymore. Instead of packing them to deal with later, get rid of them now. Start a box for items you want to donate so it’s easy to drop it all off at one time. Keep a bag or box nearby as you pack that you can toss trash into. That makes it easy to get rid of all at once, so you don’t have to pack stuff you won’t need in your new house.

Use Sturdy Boxes

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to move items in boxes that keep falling apart. Invest in sturdy moving boxes that can withstand the load of items you’ll be putting into them. Pack the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter ones on top so that you can get a stable hold on the box when you move it and to keep your possessions from being damaged or broken during the move.

Load Your Boxes in a Smart Way

As you place boxes into your moving truck or other vehicle, save space on top and at the front for the things you’ll need first. That includes towels, sheets and dishes, which you’ll want to be able to get out right away so you can eat, bathe and sleep in your new home without having to unpack everything first.
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