Removals in Ballina are so much easier when you have professionals helping you. When you need an expert on your side, you need O’Grady’s Transport and Removals. Our trained and experienced removalists can do a wide variety of tasks to help you move house, whether you’re going far or staying close. Wondering why hiring a removalist is such a great idea? Keep reading to find out.

We Bring the Packing Supplies

One of the best reasons to hire the help of removalists is that we can bring the packing supplies you need. That includes boxes, tape and wrapping material, which takes a lot of the work of hunting down the right equipment out of your hands. This also ensures that each of your belongings is safely and securely packed so it arrives at your new home intact and without any damage.

You Won’t Have to Pack or Load

Another great perk of having us on your side when you move is that our removalists will help you pack everything up. We are trained to do this in a safe manner so that you won’t have any concerns about breakage, damage, or loss. And once we’ve assisted you with getting it all packed up and ready to go, we’ll load onto one of our trucks, which come in 12 sizes, so that it’s ready to be transported and delivered to your new home.

We’re Insured for Peace of Mind

When you move on your own, you won’t be covered if your items are lost or broken or if someone gets hurt while helping you. When you hire a removalist, our insurance gives you that peace of mind. It will help ensure that you’re compensated if anything happens to your possessions during the move and ensures that you aren’t held liable for injuries that occur while you’re moving house.

You’ll Have Storage Options

Maybe you can’t take everything with you or you won’t need some of your things until later. Instead of having to seek out a separate storage facility, you can take advantage of our storage in Ballina. We’ll move what you need to your new house and can transport the rest of it to our secure and well monitored storage facilities until you’re ready for it.

If you want to move the right way, you need a removalist to help you. Call O’Grady’s Transport and Removals today to get a quote for removals in Ballina.